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The Electronics Distributor of Choice for Wholesale Consumer Electronics
The company is main goal is to consistently provide clients with real value that they can leverage to create greater success in their own businesses.

Customer Satisfaction Above All Else

Madford is one of the fastest growing wholesale consumer electronics distributors in Europe. With clients in the North and South America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, the company brings top of the line electronics devices to markets across the globe at a lower rate than the competition.

Reputation of Madford is build on highest service quality of delivering high end consumer electronics at affordable prices.

No other consumer electronics distributor offers the level of service provided by Madford.

Madford can get electronics wholesale products to retailers around the world faster and more affordably than anyone else.

The company strives to deliver not just goods, but real value to clients by providing them with the quality products they need to grow their own businesses. Madford is not interested in turning a quick profit.

Rather, the company is dedicated to building lasting relationships that are beneficial to both parties as we tackle the electronics device revolution together - one new innovation, one new product at a time.

Over the years, Madford, has built a renowned reputation as a reliable worldwide consumer electronics distributor.

A leading supplier of electronic Madford consistently offers clients high quality products from the world is top manufacturers at the lowest prices available.

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Madford Poland provides clients electronics at the best prices.

The company aggressively strives to keep prices well below the market average for a number of reasons:

- Madford’s numerous long-standing relationships with electronics manufacturers and its immense global buying power gives the company the ability to pass on wholesale savings to it’s clients.

- The company can serve a wider market and sell higher quantities of wholesale electronics by keeping prices lower than the competition.

- But most importantly, Madford Poland brings clients the same great mobile phone products at lower prices because the company is dedicated to serving not just the company’s own interests but the interests of its clients.

Unbeatable Electronics Buying Power

Madford Poland is global reach gives the company immense buying power and the flexibility to provide customers around the world with products in moderate to high quantities.

Madford Poland has a growing inventory of electronics wholesale products from such manufacturers as Philips, Samsung, HTC, Amazon, Nikon, GoPro, Apple, Dell, Google, Blackberry, Sony, Canon, Toshiba, Samsung, Panasonic, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Intel, Seagate, Xiaomi, Sharp, Lenovo, Hitachi.

With a presence around the world, Madford Poland is able to make quick purchasing decisions and buy mobile phones for retailers in the US, Europe, Asia and both America. The company currently has offices and representatives in Warsaw, Poland.

Serve Better, Serve Faster

Madford Poland is global wholesale electronics business is built upon solid relationships with respected manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

By leveraging the company’s own buying power, negotiating with consumer electronics wholesale businesses, and staying on top of electronics distributor trends, Madford Poland is able to provide clients with top quality products more efficiently and affordably than anyone else.

This is because beyond delivering great products to clients, Madford Poland delivers value. With lower pricing, faster delivery, and better service, Madford Poland gives clients the value they need to satisfy their own clients, improve their market stance, and grow their business.